Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ondine: a poem.

I watched a sweet film called Ondine last weekend. It stars Colin Farrell, Alicja Bachleda, and Alison Barry. Directed by Neil Jordan, the film came out in 2009. The music of Sigur Ros, also new to me! features in the film

The film is steeped in Selkie myth; a creature of the sea that can come on land after shedding their seal coat and taking on human form, often beguiling. The original 'Ondine' was found as a small child abandoned on rocks and brought up by a fisherman. The story escalates into love and tragedy. Selkies often return to the sea, many after digging up their buried coat. In the Neil Jordan film suggestions are also made to seven years and seven tears being a cut-off point.

The film inspired me to write my own take and this is what I came up with:


Leaving the deeps with her voice and her coat
her singing haunts all the pretty fishies
to do as she and quit the buoyant seas.
She crams his pots with a charm from her throat;
besotted lobsters craving every note.
Shoal in the net flood the deck to a squeeze;
cool bodies and a steel quick to bellies.
Stone on stone on the scale nudge up a hope.

He lands his catch for lingerie and frock
and town steps out in a pretty rumour
of the secret he knows he cannot keep.

Her buried coat and the movement of clocks.
Gossamer moments spinning together
her seven years and her seven tears to weep.

I found some nice art work by Annie Stegg: 

 This is the Sigur Ros piece that accompanies the film:

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